Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Problems, Problems, Problems. . .

As we are all no doubt aware, life can be filled with problems that need solving. Here, I would like to discuss two in detail.

The first problem that I want to discuss is one that I am considering doing essay 3 about - parents who do not pay child support regularly and who refuse to work because they feel that not working releases them from their responsibility. This problem affects many children whose custodial parent is doing his or her best to provide for the child but could use extra finacial help from the noncustodial parent in order to do so more effectively. What can be done? To me, an ideal solution would be for judges who place court orders into effect to require the noncustodial parent (if he or she is physically capable of working) to seek employment. If the parent has not found employment within 30 days, I feel that it should be ordered by the court that the parent is required to go through a job placement agency to find suitable employment and that job placement agencies do their best to help the individual to do so. This type of order would give parents the opportunity to seek employment for themselves, and it would set a time limit so that children do not have to go without any needs met for a long period of time.

Another problem I would like to discuss is domestic violence. Even though restraining orders are given to domestic violence victims who ask for them, often, abusers do not heed these orders. The orders are not always strictly enforced either - that is, not until something truly devestating has happened (for example, an abuser defying an order severely injuring if not killing a victim). A solution could be that orders are more strictly enforced by police. Instead of giving a warning the first time an abuser violates an order, perhaps stricter measures should be taken (for example, incarceration). Will this problem ever be completely solved? Like so many, it is possible that it will not, but taking action can decrease the level of the problem.

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Amanda said...

Rose, I can tell we think alike! Your soltuions show me that you're always thinking of ways to better life for everyone! I'm that same way.

Problem #1 and Solution #1 would be perfect for Essay 3. Also, Problem #2 would work. I just think the solution for Domestic Violence could be stronger. Like your "for example." Just lock them up the first time instead of giving abusers a warning.

Whichever one you choose, I'm looking forward to reading it.

A great blog post too! Keep up the exceptional work! :)