Thursday, November 8, 2007

From Trend To Television

Since my topic for essay 4 is rather on the serious side of things, I believe if I were to make a television show about it, it would have to be an educational sort of program - one that shows teens the effects of eating disorders and explains why it is crucial that they not get caught up in the trend. The main star of the show would have to be someone who has experienced an eating disorder or eating disorders (either as a teenager or as an adult) directly as I believe wisdom that can be given to others often comes through experience. And there may be any number of women who have first hand experience with this issue in Hollywood. The questions would be who is finding a positive way of dealing with the problem, and how willing would they be to help others by speaking about it?

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Amanda said...

Rose, I can see your show as a Documentary, more of a PBS show. I really like the idea of getting first-hand accounts from women in Hollywood. Creative thinking. Nice work!