Tuesday, November 27, 2007

An Overall Reflection of English 111

At the beginning of the semester, I wanted to learn how to express my ideas fully to my audience, have them understand my positions as well as reasons for them, and have my audience to find my overall essays engaging. I have learned how to better do each of these and more. An example I have given in the past of something new I have learned is how to effectively use source support. In addition to this, where sources are concerned, I have learned how to better cite them on a Works Cited page. And, though I still have problems at times citing sources, I do not have nearly as many problems as I had before taking English 111. With time, I think I will completely get the hang of citations.

Another thing that I will be taking away from this class that I feel is very important is confidence in my writing abilities. I have found that I now have more confidence in myself as a writer than I ever had before. Is my writing perfect? Of course not, but it is much improved. Along with the writing skills I have learned in this course, confidence, in my opinion, is also an essential key to better writing.

In my midterm evaluation of the class, I said that there was nothing that I could see that could be improved about the class in general. I still feel the same way. Everything about the class has been helpful to me, and so, there is nothing I would have changed for future classes.

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Amanda said...

Rose, thank you for your response! Yes, you have greatly improved as a writer. I thought you were already a pretty strong writer coming into our class, but now I can tell you think about audience, MLA, and logical development much more. Great work! I hope you can join us in my ENG 112 Online class this coming semester! :)