Monday, August 27, 2007

Feelings About Essay 1, Etc.

I think most students feel at least a little nervous when beginning the writing process for any essay, but particularly so when they do the first essay for a class. I am no exception to this. While I am excited about expressing my ideas, I am also a bit nervous. I want my audience to understand my position and to find my essay engaging as well. I hope to be able to express my ideas fully to my readers, and I want them to understand why I am taking the stand that I will be taking.

I believe the Writing Center could be a useful tool in the writing process. Though I am not close enough to the Bowling Green campus to go to the center, I do feel that I will likely be using any online services they make available in order to strengthen my writing. Not only will I use their services for this class; I am likely to use them for others in the future.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My Expectations for English 111

I am taking English 111 in order to learn how to strengthen my writing not only for the college courses that I am taking now and will take in the future, but also for business purposes once I have my degree. Thus, my expectation for this course is to gain knowledge on how to write effectively for a majority of audiences. My expectation of the instructor of this course is to provide me with the knowledge I will need in order to write effectively both in school and in general. Feed back is always appreciated.

Strengths of my writing, in my opinion include gramatical structure and coherence. An area that I could use work in is (according to some of my instructors and in my own opinion) presenting ideas more fully instead of just generally. I am confident that taking this class will assist me in this area.