Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Differences in Writing Techniques: Essays 1 & 2

While my writing process for Essay 2 was similar to that of Essay 1, there were differences in writing styles when it came to my rough draft of Essay 2. Besides the fact that Essay 1 needed no sources but was based on my own experience, source introductions were introduced in our class as part of the writing process. Source introductions were an area new to me. That is, I had not used them in writing before. Also, I notice that each essay is more complex than the one before it. But this is not a bad thing; rather I feel that it enhances the learning experience and helps students to become better writers.

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Amanda said...

Rose, I'm so happy to see that you value source introductions. I promise they will come in handy in each of your classes. Keep up the hard work!