Thursday, September 6, 2007

Drafting and Revision Process

My first step in my writing process was to think about which policy I wished to write about. Then I did some brain storming writing down everything I knew about the policy, what points I felt it was important to make, possible counter arguments, and rebuttals to them. My next step was to put my ideas in a more logical order (I had simply written them down as they came to me while brain storming). Once this was done, I began thinking about my thesis statement and opening paragraphs. I then wrote my opening paragraphs down by hand to get a more general idea of where to go with my essay. I later typed the opening paragraphs into a word document and used my outline to organize the rest of my essay.

Once the first rough draft was complete, I began to proofread it. I added ideas, and in some cases changed word positions and rewrote sentences. The object of course was to make my points as clear as possible to whomever may be reading the essay.

At this point, I am in the process of continuing to reread my essay and determine what changes may need to be made before turning in the final draft.

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Amanda said...

Rose, WOW! I'm so impressed with how thorough you are with describing and knowing your writing process. I can tell you put a lot of effort into your rough draft by how well it turned out.

Keep up the excellent work! It's a joy to have you in class!